Give your tank a new lease of life

Your fuel tanks are the heart of your business, as well as your key risk. They deserve the best care.


Our tank lining service is designed to breathe new life into tired, ageing, single-skin storage tanks, bringing them in line with current compliance legislation and improving the value of your fuel site.


An investment of days, but returning years of protection against instances of fuel loss, and subsequent damage to the environment, we pride ourselves in offering long-term environmental protection for your forecourt. 

The logical choice over tank replacement

  • Minimal site disruption

  • Sites remain operational 

  • No planning permission required

  • Considerable savings*

  • Less excavation*

  • Reduce forecourt risk profile

  • Accepted as beneficial by regulatory and insurance bodies

*when compared with tank replacement alternatives

What causes tanks to leak?

There are many factors that play a part in causing leaks from fuel tanks; corrosion from bio fuels and water, as well as physical damage, are amongst some of the most common causes. 


The most severe corrosion usually presents itself at the tank base, but can occur anywhere. Rust may also penetrate from the outside in, causing failure of the outer skin.

Avoiding expensive clean-up costs

The US EPA reports that as of September 2017, over 469,000 sites have been cleaned up following a fuel leak, with 2,829 sites having confirmed leaks in 2018 alone. With an average clean up cost of around £100,000 - a figure which can fast increase the longer a leak goes unnoticed - it’s no wonder that fuel retailers are turning to tank lining services to protect themselves from financial damage. 

It's not just clean-up costs that rack up the bills when it comes to dealing with a fuel leak...

  • Government fines

  • Personal injury and/or property damage lawsuits

  • Lost sales and customer loyalty*

  • Damage to brand image

  • Collateral costs


*when compared with tank replacement alternatives

How do we do it?

Our technicians are trained to the highest standard to perform tank lining services. Our pre-installation preparation includes a full, site-specific survey, traffic management plan, access and logistics and a thorough review of the process and procedure. The tank is then cleaned, degassed and grit blasted, before a thickness test is carried out to confirm the structural integrity of the existing vessel.


The tank lining is then constructed within the tank, consisting of panel installation and joint sealing. The interstitial section is made up of two interstice glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) layers, which have a staggered design to ensure that any breach of liquid will break the vacuum and trigger an alarm. 


Following lining completion, we reinstate the forecourt to full operational standard, after testing associated lids and lines. We are also able to connect our output alarm through your existing infrastructure to pass real-time 

We dont just offer tank lining

The tank lining process almost always requires civils and groundwork. Here at Dover Fueling Solutions, we understand that reinstatement of a fuel site is just as important as the primary function, and often phase additional on-site work whilst carrying out the tank lining procedure. Services include re-pumps and line installation, drainage and surfacing and full site refurbishments. 

Tested to the highest standards

Our tank lining service meets DIN Standard EN 13160-7 (2016) Leak detection systems TUV Approval and test regime ensures validity of system

    • Proof of strength and tightness of interstice


    • Tests resistance to fuels and other liquids including

    - Ad-Blue

    - Diesel (including Bio-derv)

    - Unleaded and Super Spirit Fuels

    - Ethanol up to E25

    - Av-gas


   • Compliance with Class 1 Leak Detection Requirements

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 27001

BH OHSAS 18001

Cert: 1853

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