shell shadow session

Our Shell UK Analyst team recently met with Louise Davies, CBRE, who came into Fairbanks’ headquarters to find out more about the work we do ‘behind the scenes’. We currently monitor 560 Shell Company sites in the UK and Louise was keen to meet the analysts working on the contract, with whom she has already developed a close working relationship.

After being given a brief introduction to the company by Dan Arnold, Louise shadowed a selection of analysts as they took her through their daily workflow. They covered many aspects of their role, including the use of the Online Tracker currently used by Fairbanks, Shell, Tokheim and Wayne. The programme gives users visibility over jobs that have been raised for problems such as drainback and reactive measure checks, so that all parties can easily keep track of the progress being made towards resolving the issue.

Danny Banks also explained how the analysts use the charts and information available to them to decide whether or not to log a job. For example, Danny was able to highlight to Louise the thorough approach Fairbanks uses when raising jobs for intermittent water readings. The assumption that the reading has been caused by a stuck float can lead to complacency and real water issues being ignored – Fairbanks will always explore all of the possibilities.

The day has given Louise a better
understanding of how the Shell UK analysts work and has helped to cement our strong relationship, which will assist with future investigative work.

far eastern promise

At the end of November, Pilot Manager Rachael Leather and Cliff White,  Implementation Specialist, flew out to the Philippines to assist with the first stage of a pilot roll-out with Shell. Shell Philippines has been receiving Fairbanks’ SIR service for some time but recently chose to trial the ibank with the vision of signing a permanent contract if the programme goes successfully. 

The first half of day one was spent leading a retailer session, the aim of which was to help the retailers understand what the ibank is and how it could benefit their network. Cliff then held a classroom session with the engineers, instructing them on the correct procedure to install the hardware on site. Following that, Rachael and Cliff spent the afternoon with the Wetstock Focal Point (WSFP), Rosanna Edquid, scoping out Shell’s objectives for the pilot, timescales and requirements. 

The following day, the group visited the first site and performed a comprehensive demonstration to the certified contractors covering the installation of an ibank. These contractors then spent the rest of the week installing ibanks across the remaining nine sites. The pilot team are now working hard to ensure that all of the site configurations are correct, following strict processes and procedures to make sure that the programme runs as smoothly as possible. The Shell East team in the Operations department will be analysing the data as it comes into the centre, since they are already doing a seamless job monitoring the sites on our SIR service.

Before landing in the Phillipines, Rachael and Cliff touched down in Malaysia for a two-day meeting, to direct a similar programme to the Shell team there. It was another successful session, with the engineers asking lots of interested questions regarding the change in process after the sites go live with real-time, which Cliff answered professionally and (as always) thoroughly!

an Indonesian adventure

Fairbanks is pleased to announce that a ten site ibank pilot is now underway, headed up by Rachael Leather, Pilot Manager, and Dawn Cardeira, Pilot Analyst, following the successful installation of the hardware by Bradley Wade, IT Support. 

A few days before the installs were scheduled to start, Andrew Fawcett, Key Account Manager, went out to the region for a couple of days following a trip to Bangkok, to finalise terms and conditions and to answer any last minute questions before the contract work began. The installs were completed during the last week in October, with the help of local contractor Henry Gunawan from PT. Usaha Engineering Services, without any problems or complications.

The fact that the installs went so smoothly is very positive for Fairbanks in terms of potential future business. The news has spread fast across Shell’s global network, with managers taking note and enquiring about getting ibanks on their own sites for Fairbanks’ real-time service offering.

The pilot programme will be running for the remainder of this calendar year, with a roll out to the remaining seventy sites during the first quarter in 2017. The analysis will be completed by Dean Ferguson who works on Emma Sourbutts’ team in the Fairbanks analysis centre.

Shell green belts (2016)

In November, 2015, Key Account Manager Andrew Fawcett and Operations Manager, Emma Sidebotham, flew to the Shell offices in downtown Houston, Texas, to attend a week-long, in-depth training course. The ‘Continuous Improvement’ green belt course taught a number of techniques aimed at improving business processes, and was based on the Six Sigma method. 

The course was well-attended by Shell employees of all ages and abilities, Andy, Emma, and representatives for one other Shell-certified contractor. It is rare that contractors are invited to completed the course, so it’s a credit to Fairbanks to have secured places in the session. 

Over the following twelve months, Andy and Emma both ran individual projects which utlised the methods and processes that were taught on the course. Both projects were linked to improvements that would jointly benefit both Fairbanks and Shell in terms of time and cost-saving solutions. Andy chose to focus on the targetted roll-out of Station Manager 365 across the areas in the East, with the aim of reducing duplication and double-handling of data input tasks whilst Emma dircted her project towards increasing the use of on-site checks to further reduce fuel loss at site level on Shell UK forecourts. The projects have already seen many positive results. 

Over the last year, both Andy and Emma completed the five stages of the Continuous Improvement ‘DMAIC’ (‘Define’, ‘Measure’, ‘Analyse’, ‘Improve’ and ‘Control’) stages and were reviewed extensively by various coaches and sponsors from Shell to ensure that they were making full use of the right processes and methods, proving what they had learnt on the course. Once the projects were signed off, Andy and Emma then had to complete a 55 question assessment, which, of course, they both passed with flying colours. 

Shell re-sign (2017)

Fairbanks is pleased to announce that Shell have chosen to extend their global wetstock contract for another year, ending in April 2018. The contract extension will allow Shell to benefit from additional, real-time, data collection solutions that were previously unavailable to them, as well as revised payment schedules and structures. 

Shell Key Account Manager, Andy Fawcett, has been working closely with Shell to ensure that the Fairbanks offering met the high-standard laid down by the industry giant. Shell and Fairbanks are now entering into discussions regarding a long-term renewal phase- we will keep you posted on the progress. 

As Fairbanks is now part of the Dover Fueling Solutions corporation, we have access to more tools and solutions than ever before which will enable us to work closely with Shell on their long-term strategy - ‘Goal Zero’. This global, strategy aims to prevent all instances of harm or fuel leakage across all of their company and dealer owned networks. We hope that with Dover’s resources, will be able to elevate Shell from simply being compliant to becoming an industry leader in wetstock innovations and performance. 

2017 is already shaping up to be yet another exciting year for the Shell-Fairbanks partnership. Already, there are ibank pilots underway in many markets in the East and in Europe and opportunities have opened up globally with the Shell licensee groups. In addition, Andy has been meeting with members of Shell China to discuss rolling out the Fairbanks service to this market. The future looks very bright indeed, with Fairbanks planning to extend its service offering to a greater proportion of the Shell empire, as their preferred wetstock management solutions provider. 

Fairbanks would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy for his stellar commitment throughout the negotiation process and for his continual hard work to ensure that Shell remain completely satisfied by the Fairbanks service. We would also like to extend this thanks to everybody at Fairbanks who has been involved in the monitoring of Shell’s network over the past five years, as without you, we really couldn’t have done it. We receive fantastic feedback from Shell representatives from all over the globe complimenting not just the service that they receive, but the people that provide it, and that’s all down to you! 

certain of Certas

Fairbanks is pleased to announce that the Retail Director for Certas UK, Ramsay MacDonald, recently re-signed a three-year contract with Fairbanks for the wetstock monitoring of the thirty-five sites in their network, including eight which are unmanned.

The contract signing is due to the hard work that Fairbanks employees have put into proving the worth of their service, in particular the Service Integration Team, who through careful analysis of the site data managed to validate the return on investment that Certas could make if they chose to subscribe to the service. The new contract will now include annual pump measure checks as standard.

Due to the nature of monitoring unmanned sites, the Service Integration Team (SIT) has had to develop various new processes and procedures to successfully analyse the data, including the creation of several bespoke alarm alerts and client-specific reports. In addition, the SIT team has developed a unique escalation process to better suit Certas’ needs.

Certas is already making plans to increase the numbers of unmanned sites in their network, with the potential of approximately twenty more sites coming on to the 

service by the end of the year.

Last year, Fairbanks rolled out their full expert monitoring service across Certas sites in the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey and with the Certas network steadily growing, we hope that it will bring in significant new business for Fairbanks over the coming years.

Our thanks go to Matt Lloyd for his efforts in the pre-contract negotiation stage and for successfully closing the deal.

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