Dover Fueling Solutions’ Wetstock Management Service – What the Customers Say

Tristan King is managing director of King Family Stores, who own Castelle Service Station, a 24-nozzle JET/SPAR dual-branded forecourt and 950sq feet convenience store on the outskirts of Warsop, Nottinghamshire.

“We took over the site in December 2016 and almost immediately decided to appoint wetstock management provider, Fairbanks, part of Dover Fueling Solutions

(DFS). Although we own four other convenience stores, this was our first venture into fuel retailing and we had been advised by quite a few other forecourt retailers that appointing a wetstock management company was the way to go.

“It’s given us peace of mind knowing that such a high-risk product is managed properly and that if anything goes wrong we will be notified almost immediately. We take comfort in knowing that we are dispensing correctly, that there are no leaks and that we are making the margins we should be making. From a health and safety perspective, we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

“As Fairbanks is constantly analysing our wetstock, if ever there is a difference in the figures, we provide them and the information their technology is capturing it’s picked up immediately. They would, for example, pick up on a pump that is dispensing more or less than it should. When you make such small margins on fuel, you can soon lose a lot of money if you aren’t dispensing the right amount.

“It is also invaluable having a third party on board should you encounter any customer concerns about fuel quality. Just recently, a customer filled up at our forecourt and then drove to Edinburgh where he started to have problems with his engine. He took the car to a local Vauxhall dealer who said there was water in his fuel. When the dealer and customer contacted us, we immediately contacted Fairbanks who found the transaction on their system and within seconds they could prove that all the necessary checks had been carried out and that water hadn’t been in the fuel at the time of purchase.

“Fairbanks instantly put our mind at ease and we could, in turn, reassure our customer who went from being irate to satisfied in the knowledge that there hadn’t been a problem with our fuel. I can’t imagine how worried we’d have been if we didn’t have that back up in place. We would have had to shut up the site and could potentially have lost thousands of pounds worth of fuel. As a nation we don’t think twice about insuring our cars and homes, so why wouldn’t fuel retailers ensure their forecourt businesses in a similar way? Wetstock management ensures that if you have a problem then you are covered. Yes, it’s an extra cost, but the potential losses your business could incur if anything did happen could be astronomical. In my opinion, it’s money very well spent.”


JET is a leading fuel brand marketed by Phillips 66 in the UK and other EU countries, with a well-established network of 330 independently-operated service stations throughout the UK.

Established in 1954, JET is proud of its heritage and its reputation for providing competitively priced fuel, excellent customer service, and a wide range of value-added forecourt services.

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