asad munir

digital solutions manager

philip hill

IT projects & testing

greg brown

IT QA & testing

jayanti reddy

IT QA & testing

david hitchcock

data modeller

manager, solutions engineering

marc fowler

becki burrows

IT services manager

mike donald

senior IT support technician

cliff white

implementation specialist

luke booth

IT support

amir montasser

IT support

john keen

IT development

anna lachowicz-kosidlo

IT development

bradley wade

wetstock, IT manager

joseph williams

systems support technician

peter arden

IT development

information technology

Our IT department is essential to Fairbanks' continued success and each subdivision is responsible for different stages of the innovation process.

Working closely with our portfolio manager, the IT projects team is tasked with taking new ideas and calculating whether they will ultimately prove to be a viable proposition for the company. They undertake detailed analysis work to determine the validity of the concept and the data requirements needed to deliver it.

Once proof of concept has been signed off, the project is handed to the IT development team, who subsequently produce a working prototype of the product. Prototypes are then taken to the IT testing team to check the functionality and for any inconsistencies, in order to make sure that the product is market-ready. Once released, products are reviewed and tested periodically and any updates or additions are shared with the customer to ensure that they are always made aware of the continual improvements.

The IT support team is the infrastructure supporting the analyst department. In order for the analysts to successfully be able to do their job, they require a seamless stream of data to be collected from site. IT support work tirelessly to maintain connectivity with the sites that we monitor, using our real-time heartbeat system. They work round the clock to ensure that any instances of lost connectivity are resolved swiftly in order to minimise any disruption to the service. 

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 27001

BH OHSAS 18001

Cert: 1853

Fairbanks Environmental Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 03027771. The name and registered office is:Fairbanks Environmental Limited The Technology Management Centre Moss Lane View Skelmersdale Lancashire WN8 9TN. VAT Number: GB 670 6594 12