data collection methods

Depending on the site equipment, data can be supplied to Fairbanks manually, from the tank gauge, POS or site controller (once enabled with the Fairbanks Onboard function)using the ibank data capture module, installed as hardware or software or via a secure EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) link.

Using the Submit Data tile on the Station Manager 365 dashboard, customers can manually input opening and closing inventories, delivery and sales data, as well as any other fuel movements. This data can be input by day or by tank.

Fairbanks Onboard allows for the secure transfer of data from Point of Sale (POS) and Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) systems and is compatible with Tokheim FuelPOS, Progauge Maglink, SiteSentinel Nano, iTouch and Integra consoles, without the need for additional hardware or software to be installed on site.

The ibank is compatible with a large range of makes and models of site equipment and polls data from the tank gauge and the POS systems. It is available as hardware, or as software installed on your back-office system or POS where no compatible Onboard device is present.

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