Our UK-based analyst centre is the largest in the world and the heart of our business. Every person here is highly trained, participating in a thorough induction which encompasses all aspects of wetstock monitoring. This vital process is followed up by a continual development programme, allowing team members to progress to specialist analyst status.  


Our international clientele make up half of our business, the majority of which are monitored here in Lancashire. The remainder are cared for by the licensees, with assistance from our Analysis Support Team.

Our analysts, led by experienced Operational Service Managers, are assigned a portfolio of clients, with whom they form and cultivate strong working relationships.

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Fairbanks' Analysis Support team are essential in making sure that all of our licensees are looked after and given the support they need to successfully provide the renowned Fairbanks service to customers in their region. Not only do they offer support and advice, but the team are also charged with performing consultancy checks for any wetstock issues which might not have been noticed on first look. 


The Analysis Support department work hard to ensure that all of Fairbanks' analysts - both in Skelmerdale and at our licensee bases (in Spain, Turkey, Japan, Italy, China, Israel, South Africa and Canada) - are following the correct procedures and continually improving their services. They regularly review and update the company best practice templates and often embark on visits to the licensees to spend time with the teams and provide training.

The Analysis Support team are also tasked with reviewing the progress of company analysts as they move up in their professional careers. They conduct personal development reviews at regular intervals throughout the year to make sure that analysts are getting the support and training that they need to eventually be signed off as specialists. 


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