theft detection service

Fairbanks offers a theft detection service to help protect your forecourts from night-time fuel thefts. Our real-time data service allows us to monitor your fuel tanks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Fairbanks smart data module communicates directly with your tank gauge, triggering an alarm when potential fuel thefts are detected and contacting you directly, whatever the time of day or night. We can also install siren & strobe devices on site, to further protect your forecourt from fuel loss. 

*only available to customers on our real-time analyst service

remote gauge recalibration service

Fairbanks offers a gauge recalibration service that will significantly improve tank gauge accuracy, often without the need for a site visit. Our real-time smart data module communicates directly with your tank gauge,  allowing our technicians to perform a fully automated, remote recalibration, at a time which best suits you. In the absence of our smart data module, recalibrations can be carried out using ATG readings and sales data. 

*only available to customers on our real-time analyst service

site optimisation service

Fairbanks offers a site optimisation service, which can recommend the optimum layout for your site(s), whilst factoring in the cost to make the necessary changes. Consumer habits change in-line with market trends, causing certain fuel grades to wax and wane in popularity. Making regular changes to your forecourt to reflect this can be difficult and costly, however, Fairbanks can help you to make a more informed decision. Our site optimisation report advises you of the most cost-effective solution to keep abreast of customer demands, reduce stock-outs and increase sales.

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