Fairbanks is the leading provider in providing fuel management solutions to a global range of clients, such as BP and Shell.

Using our developed network of licensees across Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, we now provide our world-class wetstock management solutions to many international brands at a local level. Our global presence means that we can communicate directly with retailers in their native language, offering reassurance that any fuel management issues can be dealth with quickly and easily. Whether you operate an independent site or a major oil company, and are confident we can provide the specialist package you need to reduce fuel losses and improve your business profitability. 

With our real-time management services, you can benefit from:

• Remote real-time wetstock monitoring, helping to pinpoint the cause of wetstock losses immediately

• A dedicated analyst to guide you through the investigation process and provide effective solutions

• A range of management reports which can help with the management of pump maintenance issues and improve business profitability

• Live stock level data, via our website and new web-portal, Station Manager 365, to assist with delivery management and prevent stock-outs

• Tank gauge alarms and theft alerts sent directly to your phone with our optional text or call service