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With fuel profit margins being squeezed each year and the value of fuel losses increasing, how can your business save money on maintenance, reduce fuel losses and lower risk all at the same time?

The answer is remote wetstock management using ‘real-time' data provided by Fairbanks.

This is the future of fuel retailing, powered by an intelligent fuel control system that gives visibility of your product.

From the fuel terminal to the customer’s vehicle, Fairbanks are watching every litre… Every step of the way.

“After 18 years of growing Fairbanks and raising standards of wetstock control, the feedback about SIR analysis and real-time data is that it is still something of an enigma.

I am really pleased that this new website is a ‘shop window’ which can help forecourt retailers around the world better understand how 3rd party wetstock management can improve their business.

We want to remove the mystery surrounding SIR and allow retailers to have visibility of their wetstock and improve the efficiency of their business.”

Bob Conlin, Managing Director

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What we offer at Fairbanks

  • Real time wetstock management

    Our world class wetstock management system is the solution you need to improve your forecourt.

  • Theft alerts

    We offer a detection service to protect your wetstock from thieves attempting to steal fuel at night.

  • Onsite services

    Our onsite services are designed to make running a forecourt easier and more profitable for our customers

  • Gauge alarms

    We can send you any alarms you choose directly to your mobile phone or email address.